Manufacturing & OEM Industry

In the manufacturing and OEM industry, the typical warehouse is massive. It demands a pallet jack that can work tirelessly every day, for many hours, without fail. MightyLift manufactures pallet jacks that meet and exceed this demanding environment to provide a pallet jack that’s dependable, safe and ergonomically designed for all-day comfort, even under heavy use.

Transportation Industry

While an 18-wheel rig is long and tall there isn’t a lot of floor space when it’s time to move pallets. MightyLift pallet jacks have a wider turning radius than the competition, making them ideal for use in semi-trucks. We also feature a unique safety system to keep our jacks from moving when the truck is underway.

Food Distribution Industry

The food distribution industry is quite strict, with many safety regulations. MightyLift products comply fully with all of them to give you peace-of-mind no matter what food you’re hauling. Problems with salt, harsh liquids and frequent washing destroy some pallet jacks quickly, adding extra expenses to your ledger. MightyLift jacks were specifically designed to work in this harsh environment, eliminating downtime and reducing your expenses.

Beverage Distribution Industry

Moving beverages puts an immense amount of stress on any pallet jack, making them more difficult to move and causing breakdowns over time. At Mighty Jack, we use high-quality nylon wheels to provide much longer life and deliver smooth and easy movement over any surface. Plus, with our ergonomic design, our jacks are much easier to pull and push.

Construction Industry

In the construction industry, many of the items being moved are long and heavy. To make it easier to move them around MightyLift designed our 96″ pallet jack made from structural steel for strength and durability. Whether wood, steel or aluminum, when you have something big and heavy to move around MightyLift has you covered.

Moving Industry

In the moving industry 2 and 4-wheel dollies are the norm, but they are difficult to use in many cases and leave marks with their wheels. Our polyurethane wheels don’t leave any marks, never go ‘flat’ and, over time, will save you a lot of money on maintenance and replacement.

Industrial Supply

One of the biggest challenges in the industrial supply industry is the constant movement when looking for products in stock. Availability is important in this industry, demanding a pallet jack that can go all day long and not fail. MightyLift pallet jacks can and do meet the challenge. Durable and tough, Mighty Lift jacks are always ready to go and keep going.